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Rare Celebrity Photos


In the same fashion as looking at old pictures of yourself and saying “I can’t believe that was me,” the same rings true when looking at pictures of celebrities.  While we don’t literally know these people we have been following their careers over the years and despite not having personal relationships with them, we somehow feel bad when they do, and happy when they do.  The point is, since they are so public, at times it feels like we actually do know these people.

So if I were to show you old pictures of me you probably wouldn’t react all that much.  However, the photos I’m about to share are pretty damned cool if I do say so myself.

Check out these 25 rare photos of celebrities


Thanks to Crack Two for the assist.


Rare Celebrity Photos

Cher, Sonny, Dylan

Rare Celebrity Photos

Marilyn Monroe

Rare Celebrity Photos

Jack Nicholson

Rare Celebrity Photos

Yoko Ono, Andy Warhol, and John Lennon

Rare Celebrity Photos

Marlon Brando

Rare Celebrity Photos

Frank Sinatra

Rare Celebrity Photos

Kurt Cobain

Rare Celebrity Photos

Warren Beatty and Jack Nicholson

Rare Celebrity Photos

Bruce Lee

Rare Celebrity Photos

Dennis Hopper

Rare Celebrity Photos

Sean Connery

Rare Celebrity Photos

John Travolta

Rare Celebrity Photos

John Voight and Angelina Jolie

Rare Celebrity Photos

Stanley Kubrick

Rare Celebrity Photos

Marilyn Monroe

Rare Celebrity Photos

Paul McCartney

Rare Celebrity Photos

Jane Seymour and Freddie Mercury

Rare Celebrity Photos

Alfred Hitchcock and Sons

Rare Celebrity Photos

JFK and Marilyn Monroe

Rare Celebrity Photos

Eric Clapton and Mom

Rare Celebrity Photos

Jimmy Page

Rare Celebrity Photos

Michael and Kirk Douglas

Rare Celebrity Photos

Sean Connery and Brigitte Bardot

Rare Celebrity Photos

Michael Jackson

Rare Celebrity Photos


facebook cubeFacebook’s done it again. The social networking giant has tried to act like a business and people are appalled, astounded, frightened and confused. Mark Zuckerberg, the company CEO, clearly wants to wring every bit of personal information from every one of his 500 million-plus users. How terrible. He must be stopped. Or perhaps Facebook users and critics should stop being so ridiculous and open their eyes.

How many times do I have to tell people to stop putting stuff online that they do not want to share? Apparently I can say it until I’m blue in the face, but you won’t listen. This latest imbroglio involved Facebook users home addresses and mobile phone numbers. Some people put them inside Facebook. If you haven’t done so already, you can go to Facebook’s Edit Profile page and then select Contact information. There, you can fill up the page with your AOL Instant Messenger ID, at least two phone numbers, complete home address, your web site URL and even additional e-mail addresses if you have them.

I guess, for some people, it seems perfectly natural to put everything into Facebook. Facebook is your friend. You spend every day on it sharing your innermost thoughts and feelings. It’s like a coffee klatch sans the caffeine and intimacy.

So Facebook has all this information thanks to you. Now they want to share it. You see, a while ago Facebook introduced its Graph API, which lets third-party companies access all your profile information. No, they can’t just go and do it, you have to approve everything Facebook shares. If you share nothing, then Facebook delivers an empty basket of information to third-party companies.

As noted above, Facebook decided it wanted to include all the home addresses and phone numbers you entered into its service with third party companies. As before, you have to opt-into this sharing. You install some Facebook game or join into some sort of group or Facebook affiliate and a message pops up saying the company wants to access your address and numbers. You have to decide to share it.

The wording on the Facebook message was not particularly helpful. Instead of saying you were “sharing” this private information it said you were letting the third party company “access” it. “Share” and “Access”: Two subtly different words that make a perceptual difference.

Naturally, there was an outcry from everyone—even developers—and Facebook pulled up short, reversed course and by Monday had decided to hold off on implementing this little feature.

OK. Good for Facebook. The service listened and reacted quickly. Still, mark my words, the feature will be back. Facebook is hell bent on sharing everything you let it share. With that in mind, I have some suggestions for you.


Accept that Facebook is a social networking business with an aim to make a lot of money. It is not out to harm you, but is also not necessarily operating in your best interests.

Stop Sharing

Make a conscious decision to remove everything from Facebook you do not want to share. Pull your address, phone numbers, tell-all posts and photos that can tell more about you than you ever intended to share.

Learn How to Use Facebook

Since I assume you will be leaving some personal information on Facebook, learn how to use it effectively. Instead of an afternoon updating your status, perusing posts and photos, spend it going through each and every part of Facebook’s privacy settings. There is a lot of control in there. Use it wisely.

Trust but Verify

I even want you to run a little test to see how much of you is already accessible to anyone in the outside world—including those not on Facebook. Start by typing this URL into your browsing address bar: http://graph.facebook.com/%5BUSERNAME%5D. Replace [USERNAME] with your user name (no spaces). Hit return and you will see a window asking if you want to save a file. Do so. Note where it was saved and then drag and drop that file into notepad. With that done, you should see everything that third part companies can learn about you without even logging into Facebook.

I did this for Facebook Mark Zuckerberg and got this file:

“id”: “68310606562”,
“name”: “Mark Zuckerberg”,
“picture”: “http://profile.ak.fbcdn.net/hprofile-ak-snc4/hs443.snc4/50270_68310606562_2720435_s.jpg”,
“link”: “http://www.facebook.com/markzuckerberg”,
“category”: “Public figure”,
“website”: “www.facebook.com”,
“username”: “markzuckerberg”,
“personal_interests”: “openness, making things that help people connect and share what’s important to them, revolutions, information flow, minimalism\n\n\n”,
“likes”: 2715542

Mr. Zuckerberg obviously understands his service quite well and shares only a little bit of info. It’s a good model for everyone’s Facebook “graph”. If you’ve done your job right with all of Facebook’s privacy settings, your account graph should look the same.

Here’s the thing. I like Facebook and I think that the amount of sharing we’ve done on the social network has actually served to bring us all a little closer together. I also understand that some people are happy to share more than others. If you like sharing and enjoy the environment, then my little tips will only serve to improve it for you. If you hate sharing and are terrified about what Facebook might do to your life, get off the service and please stop complaining.

This is on after-mouse.com website.

AFTER-MOUSE.COM - Kinect on Windows 7

Revolution is on its way! A few weeks ago, Microsoft Kinect™ revolutionized gaming and now it’s time to bring this new technology to professionals. AFTER-MOUSE.COM unveils the world’s first retail application for Kinect™ on Windows7, a completely new experience where the user is the controller. No need for a peripheral, no need to touch the screen, distance interactions through movements with the simple use of body and natural gestures allow the user to control the interface. It’s magic!

The advantages are numerous. First, it can be used on any kind of device that has the Windows 7 operating system: no need for an expensive hardware investment, a regular TV is all you need! Also no direct contact is involved, it can be used from behind a window allowing shopping experiences and brand awareness from the street 24 hours a day! Last but not least it is a complete natural way to interact with an interface allowing anyone, and many users simultaneously, to experience it.


Here’s another video showing kinect utilizing Windows 7 multi-touch gestures.

A guy gets a radio station to call his girlfriend and convinced her about a dildo she recently purchased is defected and that they are doing a recall on it.  And what is about to unfold on air between the radio jockey and the woman is HILLARIOUS!!!

Hilarious Prank Call about a Dildo

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Jinju(진주) is Korean singer. She has a powerful voice and outstanding singing ability.  Sadly there’s not much written about her 😦  I managed to gathered a list of her videos here for people to check out.  Enjoy!


진주Jinju-The power of love


Jinju – And I am telling you I’m not going (LIVE)



I’m also linking one of her latest album here thanks to Hmong.  Her site is here http://liloshootingstar.blogspot.com and she has many wonderful videos and albums to dload from.  Check it out if you’re a big Kpop fan like myself 😀

[Mini Album] JinJu – Pearlfect

Posted by mslovelylia

[Mini Album] JinJu – Pearlfect


Release Date: Jan. 13, 2009
Genre: Ballad/RnB
Language: Korean
Artist: Female

“Its Funny, whenever i see this. Because theres a cosmetics brand call Jenju. Which is a Pearl Facial Cream for girls. Ahah, Jinju- Pearlfect?? =/” Hmong

1. Miro (feat Uhm Ji Won)
2. 미안해 (Feat. 유지태)
3. Miro (feat Uhm Ji Won & TBNY)
4. Miro (Mr)
5. 미안해 (Mr)
6. Miro (TBNY Mr)
7. Miro (TV Mr)