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A guy gets a radio station to call his girlfriend and convinced her about a dildo she recently purchased is defected and that they are doing a recall on it.  And what is about to unfold on air between the radio jockey and the woman is HILLARIOUS!!!

Hilarious Prank Call about a Dildo

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Getting up the courage to ask out a complete stranger is hard enough without you making the mistake of doing it at one of wrong places. It doesn’t matter if you’re incredibly smart, good looking or have the best mercedes parts money can buy, never and I mean never hit on someone in any of the following places unless you want to be met with swift and harsh rejection.


Sure women dressed in black may be sexy, but remember, this day isn’t about you wanting to score, it’s about the person in the casket. So take a step back and keep your mouth shut – unless you’re offering your condolences.

Job Interview

Keep your priorities straight – you’re going in for a job, not for a date. It doesn’t matter if your interviewer is so hot you fumble your name, you just need to make sure you get a call back saying you got the job, not to get lost.

Emergency Room

Emergency rooms aren’t like bars – people aren’t waiting there because they want to. Respect their space and privacy and maybe they won’t give you another reason for being at the ER.


An elevator is an awkward place to hit on someone, so don’t do it. There is certainly not enough time to get out what you say in an articulate manner and cornering some poor soul when she isn’t interested is just plain rude and in some cases intimidating. Avoid this spot when making your move.


Yes, the gym can be full of attractive people, but odds are they’re there to actually exercise, not to give you their digits. So leave that cute brunette alone, she’s avoiding eye contact for a reason.


Ever wonder why attractive women who are seated next to you always nap on the flight? They’re not exhausted, they simply don’t want to talk to you, especially since there’s no chance of escape.


This is another very awkward place to hit on a girl because she can’t escape if she so desires without getting off the bus several stops too soon. Here’s a tip, if she’s wearing headphones, reading a book or nodding off, she doesn’t want to be bothered so don’t even try.

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If you’re like us, which you probably aren’t because you can’t be nearly as cool and awesome as we are, then your summers are filled with floating in lakes and pools and drinking beers like a boss, or a lazy bum whichever you prefer. Floating around the lake in a noodle just isn’t a good look when your trying to look like a Calvin Klein model. We composed 6 essential floating devices for you to invest in, some a little pricey than others, but when you are rolling around on a king size bed with a cooler, speakers, and 5 babes with you, I think it will be worth it.

1. Inflatable Luxury Cabana Islander Float

You must be having designer pool floats in your pool, but then most of them are meant for single persons! So, if you want to swim and party with your group then this Cabana Islander is the float for you! The luxury floating cabana island paradise is constructed of heavy-gauge PVC with a boarding platform, center swim porthole and a detachable, wind-resistant, nylon shade. The cabana float includes a floating 16-quart cooler with cup holders, and a rope grommet for tethering. The spacious cabana float can accommodate 6 persons and is priced at $319.99.

2. Stylish Motorized Pool Lounger

Swimming will be now more fun with this Motorized Pool Lounger that is the most advanced pool lounger in the world. The lounger features two quiet but powerful motors that not just lets you float on water but enjoy driving around the pool as well! The Lounger has two joysticks that control two independent propeller motors to ensure comfortable cruising. Besides, the lounger also has large, comfortable armrests, built-in cup holder, snack tray and a floating radio. The amazing pool-lounger is priced at $149.95. So, float in style with the stylish pool lounger!!

3. The Six Person Motorized Oasis

With seating for six, built-in speakers, and a cooler, this self-propelled inflatable oasis comes fully equipped for aquatic merrymaking. An electric motor propels the lounger across a pool, lake, or any calm water at a leisurely 2 mph, with steering provided by an outboard-style handle. Four waterproof 4.8-watt stereo speakers provide clear sound from an attached iPod or other MP3 player (not included) that slips into a sealed waterproof pocket. Six cup holders and a removable cooler with capacity for 12 cans and ice keep your preferred beverage chilled and within easy reach. Measuring nearly 10′ across, the lounger is made from .45 mm PVC that resists punctures and fading and features multi-chamber construction for durability. You can get yours here for $449.95.

4. The Inflatable Jet Ski

This is the inflatable jet ski that allows a child, but clearly as grown men we would still rip those puppy around the lake, to coast across swimming pools or other calm waters at a safe, maximum speed of 2 mph. The handlebars attach to a caged propeller that extends below the craft’s bottom; steering the bars moves the propeller horizontally in the water up to 360º for easy, responsive turns and backward movement. It is constructed from heavy gauge, puncture-resistant PVC that supports a maximum of 155 lbs. Its rechargeable battery provides up to one hour of riding from an eight-hour charge. Inflates quickly using an electric pump.

5. The Floating Sofa

At 68″ diameter, this is the inflatable waterborne sofa that comfortably seats three people. Intended for use in swimming pools or other calm waters, its platform keeps loungers 8″ from the water’s surface yet it is easy to board from the water because of its wide surface. Its 24″ high backrest allows you to sit up. Includes three inflatable pillows. Made from resilient PVC that is both puncture- and UV-resistant, the lounger supports up to 350 lbs

6. The Floating Couch And Cooler

This is the oversized inflatable lounger with a built-in cooler that stows enough refreshment for a full day on the water. The float’s plump bed, armrests, and full-height backrest nestle you in comfort well above the water line. Concealed under the footrest by a removable inflatable cover, the 0.5′ cu. cargo hold keeps up to 15 cans of your preferred beverage on ice and has a built-in drain for emptying excess liquid.


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50 Unique Buildings

1. The Crooked House (Sopot, Poland)

2. Forest Spiral – Hundertwasser Building (Darmstadt, Germany)

3. The Torre Galatea Figueras (Spain)

4. Ferdinand Cheval Palace a.k.a Ideal Palace (France)

5. The Basket Building (Ohio, United States)

6. Wonderworks (Pigeon Forge, TN, United States)

7. Habitat 67 (Montreal, Canada)

8. Cubic Houses (Rotterdam, Netherlands)

9. Hang Nga Guesthouse a.k.a Crazy House (Vietnam)

10. Chapel in the Rock (Arizona, United States)

11. Dancing Building (Prague, Czech Republic)

12. Calakmul building a.k.a La Lavadora a.k.a The Washing Mashine (Mexico, Mexico)

13. Kettle House (Texas, United States)

14. Palazzo Boglietti, Biella Italy

15. Manchester Civil Justice Centre (Manchester, UK)

16. Nakagin Capsule Tower (Tokyo, Japan)

17. Mind House (Barcelona, Spain)

18. Stone House (Guimarães, Portugal)

19. Weird House in Alps

20. Shoe House (Pennsylvania, United States)

21. The Ufo House (Sanjhih, Taiwan)

22. The Hole House (Texas, United States)

23. Ryugyong Hotel (Pyongyang, North Korea)

24. Wall House (Groningen, Netherlands)

25. Guggenheim Museum (Bilbao, Spain)

26.  Bahá’í House of Worship a.k.a Lotus Temple (Delhi, India)

27. Container City (London, UK)

28. Erwin Wurm: House Attack (Viena, Austria)

29. Wooden Gagster House (Archangelsk, Russia)

30. Air Force Academy Chapel (Colorado, United States)

31. Solar Furnace (Odeillo, France)

32. “Device to Root out Evil” it’s in Vancouver, Canada.

33. Wilkinson Residence Portland , Oregon

34. Dome House (Florida, United States)

35. Fashion Show Mall (Las Vegas, United States)

36. Luxor Hotel & Casino (Las Vegas, United States)

37. Zenith Europe (Strasbourg, France)

38. Mammy’s Cupboard (Natchez, MS, United States)

39. Pickle Barrel House (Grand Marais, Michigan, United States)

40. The Egg (Empire State Plaza, Albany, New York, United States)

41. Gherkin Building (London, UK)

42. Nord LB building (Hannover, Germany)

43. Lloyd’s building (London, UK)

44. “Druzhba Holiday Center Hall (Yalta, Ukraine)

45. Fuji television building (Tokyo, Japan)

46. UCSD Geisel Library (San Diego, California, United States)

47. Ripley’s Building (Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada)

48. The Bank of Asia a.k.a Robot Building (Bangkok, Thailand)

49. Bibliotheca Alexandrina to small and bizarre projects like the Low Impact Woodland House in Wales

50.  Burj al Arab, Dubai


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Found a collection of these super cars on youtube.  Amazing isn’t it?

The Python in one word is the ULTIMATE amphibious vehicle.  It is a hot rod on the water, excess of 60 mph water speeds, and a hot rod on the street, mid 12 second 1/4 mile times and 0-60 mph in 4.5 seconds.  The engine is based on the famous aluminum LS Corvette power train.  Enormous Horsepower!


Designed from the ground up to utilize the very latest in materials and the most state-of-the-art hull design.  Each rolling chassis incorporates a light weight 304 stainless steel structural frame, state-of-the-art Dominator Jet, and the customers choice of Corvette engine.  Every component is built from the best materials money can buy, and built to withstand even the harshest of conditions.   Providing the owner a combination of speed and performance that was previously thought unattainable…until now.


Whether you have selected water mode or land mode, the performance is absolutely outstanding.   The best of both worlds finally combined into one.



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Pikachu Kitty

Someone painted their kitty to look like Pikachu 🙂

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