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Rare Celebrity Photos


In the same fashion as looking at old pictures of yourself and saying “I can’t believe that was me,” the same rings true when looking at pictures of celebrities.  While we don’t literally know these people we have been following their careers over the years and despite not having personal relationships with them, we somehow feel bad when they do, and happy when they do.  The point is, since they are so public, at times it feels like we actually do know these people.

So if I were to show you old pictures of me you probably wouldn’t react all that much.  However, the photos I’m about to share are pretty damned cool if I do say so myself.

Check out these 25 rare photos of celebrities


Thanks to Crack Two for the assist.


Rare Celebrity Photos

Cher, Sonny, Dylan

Rare Celebrity Photos

Marilyn Monroe

Rare Celebrity Photos

Jack Nicholson

Rare Celebrity Photos

Yoko Ono, Andy Warhol, and John Lennon

Rare Celebrity Photos

Marlon Brando

Rare Celebrity Photos

Frank Sinatra

Rare Celebrity Photos

Kurt Cobain

Rare Celebrity Photos

Warren Beatty and Jack Nicholson

Rare Celebrity Photos

Bruce Lee

Rare Celebrity Photos

Dennis Hopper

Rare Celebrity Photos

Sean Connery

Rare Celebrity Photos

John Travolta

Rare Celebrity Photos

John Voight and Angelina Jolie

Rare Celebrity Photos

Stanley Kubrick

Rare Celebrity Photos

Marilyn Monroe

Rare Celebrity Photos

Paul McCartney

Rare Celebrity Photos

Jane Seymour and Freddie Mercury

Rare Celebrity Photos

Alfred Hitchcock and Sons

Rare Celebrity Photos

JFK and Marilyn Monroe

Rare Celebrity Photos

Eric Clapton and Mom

Rare Celebrity Photos

Jimmy Page

Rare Celebrity Photos

Michael and Kirk Douglas

Rare Celebrity Photos

Sean Connery and Brigitte Bardot

Rare Celebrity Photos

Michael Jackson

Rare Celebrity Photos


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At first thought I figured it will be something of a mediocre attempt at playing music using nontraditional instruments.  But after watching a few of his videos it turned out that this guy is quite AWESOME!!!

Toccata and fugue in D minor-Bach-BWV 565

Canon in D on glass harp

moonlight sonata on glass harp

Symphony No.5-L.V.Beethoven

Dance of the sugar plum fairy-Tchaikovsky

Swan Lake-P. Tchaikovsky

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There are many terms that can name a magician like illusionist, escape artist, practitioner of ceremonial magic etc. but what is in common for all of them is that magicians are those people who try to create illusion of impossible. These kind of entertainers are not only popular among children, but also among adults, especially if they are able to pull a trick in a way that can full the audience and that has a veil of mystery around it. Take a look at some of the most dangerous magic tricks to have been performed.

1. Bullet Catch

Even just the mane of the trick gives you the ideas how dangerous this trick is. It has taken the lives of many magicians and their assistant. The point of the trick is catching the bullet with your teeth. Even though there are some magical elements that are used during this 400 years old trick, the risk is extremely high The trick dates back to the 1600′s, where a magician named Coullew claimed that he could successfully catch a bullet. Ironically enough he was beaten to death with his own gun by an angry spectator.

2. Buried Alive

Most people have the fear of being buried alive, not being able to breathe in a tight place. That is not the thing one should play with. Never the less, magicians decided to make a trick out of it, and a dangerous one, indeed. Houdini himself wanted to perform the trick, but he died before succeeding to do it. It is one of the most dangerous trick on the list, and many magician have tried to pull it off, just like Joe Burns did. His trick went wrong, while 7tons of soil and concrete were loaded on top of him, something went wrong and all after excavation he was found crushed.

3. Chinese Water Torture Cell

Was another of the dangerous tricks invented by Houdini. The magician is handcuffed with his ankles locked into a Restraint brace. Then he is suspended upside down in mid air, and lowered into a glass tank of ice water. Without air and in shackles it seems to be a situation with no way out.

4. Fire Tornado

Tornados- one of the most dangerous nature’s hazards, however a flaming one sounds much worse. In 2000 David Copperfield stood in the middle of one and survived. Take a look!

5. Spike

This little trick doesn’t require the usage of a magic wand. It is an easy trick, where the magician places a spike instead of a pea under the glass, mixes it up a little and the finder’s keepers. This trick can cause a lot of pain. Take a look at this tick gone wrong.

6. Frozen In A Block Of Ice

David Blaine, a crazy dude that decided to froze himself in time in the NY City’s Times Square for 63 hour. Imagine that, spending 63 hours in an ice box without any sleep. This is one of the weirdest tricks ever.

7. Straight Jacket Escape

This escape was originally Houdini’s idea, who was fascinated with a man he saw while wandering through the loony bin (I wonder what he was doing in there), who was trying to get out of the straight jacket. He then developed it, and made it more dangerous by performing it under water or upside down hanging from a crane.

8. The Sword Cabinet

One of the most famous magic tricks, when the assistant gets into the box and the magician stabs it with numerous blades leaving no apparent room for one to survive. In the end the assistant comes out unharmed, ready for new tricks. However, many injuries were gained during the years in this trick.

9. Roller Coaster Escape

Another lucky escape on the list is the roller coaster escape. Lance Burton, a famous magician, was shackled to the roller coaster tracks, with the roller speeding his way. He had to pick the locks and escape before it comes and runs him over. Take a look!

10. Sawing A Woman In Half

The most famous trick on the planet, a mystery to a mind that is not that of a magician’s causes goose bumps with every new performance. It is usually done inside a box but Criss Angel, the magician has done it without any such props. It will freak you out. Enjoy!

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Danny MacAskill – A BMX GOD!!!

This guy should be in the book of world record for what he can achieved with a bike.  It’s a bike for god sake! How does he do that???

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Closer – Nine Inch Nails (1994)

Closer - Nine Inch Nails (1994)

In spite of the blunt and profane sexual content contained in the song’s lyrics (the chorus infamously begins with the couplet “I wanna fuck you like an animal/ I wanna feel you from the inside”), “Closer” became Nine Inch Nails’ biggest hit of that time. The music video was directed by Mark Romanek and first aired on May 12, 1994, having been filmed in April of that year. It was cut down from its original length to 4:36. The video was popular and helped bolster the success of the band. The video shows events that deal with religion, sexuality, animal cruelty, politics, and terror in what appears to be a 19th century-style mad-scientist’s laboratory. It was somewhat controversial due to its imagery, which included a nude woman with a crucifix mask, a monkey tied to a cross, a pig’s head spinning on some type of machine, a diagram of a vulva, and Reznor wearing an S&M mask while swinging in shackles. Despite (or perhaps because of) its controversial content, Romanek’s video is considered a work of art: the Museum of Modern Art has added it to their permanent collection. This video is now extremely rare!

Viorar Vel Til Loftarasa – Sigur Ros (2002)

Viorar Vel Til Loftarasa - Sigur Ros (2002)

The song is called Viorar Vel Til Loftarasa by Sigur Ros, a band from Iceland. What is so controversial about this video? Set in 1950s Iceland, it features a kiss between two young boys which is broken up by the father of one of the boys during a football match. All band members do a cameo in themusic video: Jónsi is the soccer team coach, Orri is the scorekeeper, Georg is the referee, and Kjartan is one of the spectators. Actually (not officially confirmed) some people say that the dark haired boy is actually a girl, otherwise the video couldn’t have been done, because no parent would have accepted something like their son kissing another boy. So they searched for a girl that looked like a boy, nice trick.

Jeremy – Pearl Jam (1992)

Jeremy - Pearl Jam (1992)

This video depicts a boy who is mercilessly teased by his classmates and ignored by his parents. At the end of the video he strolls into class with a gun and we see him raise his arm. The next shot is of the students in class sitting completely still and spattered in blood. The song takes its main inspiration from a newspaper article about a 15-year-old boy named Jeremy Wade Delle, born February 10, 1975, from Richardson, Texas who shot himself in front of his English class at Richardson High School on the morning of January 8, 1991 at about 9:45 am. In a 2009 interview, Vedder said that he felt “the need to take that small article and make something of it—to give that action, to give it reaction, to give it more importance.” The controversy, of course, came after Columbine. MTV and VH1 both banned the video, and even now it’s very rarely seen. You can watch the banned video here! 

Lemon Incest – Serge Gainsbourg (1984)

Lemon Incest - Serge Gainsbourg (1984)

This French video from Serge Gainsbourg’s “Lemon Incest” was pretty controversial. Gainsbourg was reknowned for his provocative side, but even by his standards, this song he wrote for himself and his daughter was beyond the pale. Between the title and the fact that the video showed him in bed with his 12 year-old daughter, Charlotte, this video has surely earned its place at this Oddee’s list.

(s)AINT – Marilyn Manson (2003)

(s)AINT - Marilyn Manson (2003)

Any number of clips by the “Antichrist Superstar” could be included on this list, but the video for (s)AINT trumps them all. Manson’s own label was repulsed by this gratuitous mess of self-mutilation, cocaine snorting, blood-smearing and bondage. After the original “(s)AINT” music video was banned in the United States, Manson made another version appropriate for television and other sources. Along with the release of the album, “Lest We Forget,” Manson released a single DVD with the uncut, banned from the label, original version of the music video. The only way to receive this, though, was to order it through Manson’s website. It came also with the CD/DVD package. The explicit version of the DVD was released with the (s)AINT video in Australia and Europe. Japan required an edited version of the video due to censorship laws on showing female genitalia in media. The video was launched in 2003 but people are still having nightmares about it.

It’s a beautiful day for cancer – Al Bino (2009)

It's a beautiful day for cancer - Al Bino (2009)

The song “It’s a Beautiful Day for Cancer” by rapper Al Bino has sparked huge debate about whether the musical filmclip is a legitimate song from an up-and-coming artist or a cunning viral marketing campaign. The clip features a nasty looking head growing from a mole on a shirtless man’s back which sings backing vocals for Al Bino about the stupidity of sun-bathing.

Smack My Bitch Up – The Prodigy (1997)

Smack My Bitch Up - The Prodigy (1997)

“Smack My Bitch Up” was the thirteenth single released by the British Big Beat band The Prodigy in 1997. The song was highly controversial because its lyrics, title and music video were believed to promote violence against women. The lyrics “Change my pitch up / Smack my bitch up” are repeated through the whole song. The song was banned by the BBC. The video, directed by Swede Jonas Åkerlund, was as controversial and popular as the song itself. The film depicts a night out in the city filmed from a first-person perspective, portraying drinking and driving, snorting cocaine, violence, vandalism, nudity and sex. The unedited version also includes a scene of heroin use and a hit and run incident. The protagonist takes a stripper (played by model Teresa May) home and has sex with her. As the stripper leaves with her stuff, the protagonist glances in the mirror, is revealed to be a woman, and passes out on the bed.

Though universally banned from television, massive demands on MTV eventually had them relent and show the video, but only after midnight and following an MTV News warning. In mid-2002, the full unedited version of this video was aired on MTV2 as part of a special countdown showing the most controversial videos ever to air on MTV. This countdown was only shown late at night because of the graphic imagery of “Smack My Bitch Up” and several other videos on the countdown. This video was at #1 on the countdown and therefore named the “Most Controversial Video” in MTV’s history. Despite the controversy, the video would be nominated for four MTV Video Music Awards, and eventually won Best Dance Video and Breakthrough Video.  This video was taken down in its entirely in the end of 2002 from all the network and yes even the internet.  You can finally watch it here 🙂

Like a Prayer – Madonna (1989)

Like a Prayer - Madonna (1989)

Though you can understand why the Pope might be pissed off by Madonna’s appropriation of Catholic iconography in this video, Like a Prayer seems almost quaint by today’s standards. But back in 1989 it was criticized for several things: the burning crosses imagery, the scene where Madonna has stigmata and the part where she gets it on with a saint. People not familiar with Martin de Porres, the saint in question, thought the video depicted Jesus, so that caused a big kerfuffle as well. After the scandal, Pepsi cancelled a commercial starring the big star.

Call On Me – Eric Prydz (1982)

Call On Me - Eric Prydz (1982)

“Call on Me” is a 2004 song performed by Swedish DJ and producer Eric Prydz. The music video is directed by Huse Monfaradi and features an aerobics class of women wearing 1980s styled aerobics outfits performing sexy gym routines led by Deanne Berry, much to the enjoyment of the sole man in the group, played by Juan Pablo Di Pace. While being interviewed by Chris Evans for UK Radio Aid, ex-UK Prime Minister Tony Blair said: “The first time it came on, I nearly fell off my rowing machine.” Many politicians and family groups have pushed for the video to be banned, but there are actually two videos – an edited one shown in daylight hours and a late night version which is uncut. The song reached number 1 Singles Chart in the UK, Germany and Republic of Ireland. In Australia, “Call on Me” debuted and peaked at #2. The video was the highest-downloaded music video of all time in Australia.

Due to the popularity and high demand for the video, a feature length aerobics DVD was later released, titled Pump It Up – The Ultimate Dance Workout, which featured the dancers from the “Call on Me” video performing aerobics routines to various popular dance music songs.  I’m linking the banned version of the video here 🙂

The Thunder Rolls – Garth Brooks (1991)

The Thunder Rolls - Garth Brooks (1991)

Yep, even country music artists can cause a stir. Brooks’ “The Thunder Rolls” is about a cheating and abusive husband (although the video makes the abuse more evident than the song does) who gets his comeuppance when his wife kills him. The latter part was told in the third verse of the song, but it has been dropped except for live performances. The video, however, still shows this ending to the tale. That, coupled with the theme of abuse, got this video banned from CMT and TNN, but it won the CMA Music Video of the Year. This video is nowhere to be found even on youtube! I finally nailed it down to vodpod and because It won’t let me directly embed the video onto my blog. Your next best thing is to just right click the link and open in new tab or new window. Enjoy!

music video – Garth Brooks – The Thunder Rolls

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In Hollywood, it’s not hard to find a borderline snuff film that turns the stomach and loosens the sphincter.  Some of the most disturbing movies ever made fall into that category.  But there is another type of disturbing movie that may not shed even a drop of blood, yet shakes the audience to their cores by revealing uncomfortable truths, secret perversions, or a gleeful, careless violence in humanity as a whole.  This latter category of movie may not even consist of “good”, “classic” or “cult” movies, but they nonetheless will leave you squirming awake at night.


Image Source

Widely regarded as Ingmar Bergman’s Magnum Opus, this film stars two women, one of whom never talks.  If that sounds like a ticket to boresville with a side of yawn sauce, it also has graphic descriptions of torrid, unprotected sex on the beach.  As the story progresses, one woman unravels while the other sits there silent, already knowledgeable of the tortuous, disturbing conclusions that true introspection brings one to.  Persona is not just about an awful person understanding another awful person, it’s also about our wider inability to truly conceptualize great tragic things.  It’s like trying to envision all six-million faces of the Holocaust — a virtually impossible task.  Something about us wants to truly understand, empathize, and come to terms with the tragedy, but something else in us prevents it.  If all this sounds ridiculously high-brow and academic, you should watch it just because Bibi Anderson is about as hot as 60s babes get and there is a weird vampire scene (seriously).

Human Centipede

Image Source

For a movie about an insane German doctor who sews several captured tourists mouth-to-anus, Human Centipede is surprisingly not very graphic.  There aren’t many stomach-churning visuals or graphic dismemberments, most of the gore takes place off-screen and is more implied than shown.  Which is precisely the point at which your imagination kicks in and has the following train of thought:  ”Wow it would really suck to have my mouth pressed up against someone’s asshole for the rest of my life.  I guess I would have to eat their feces.  I feel like this movie is trying to do something with eroticism but I’m just not picking up on it.”  Then reality grinds to a halt and you realize someone conceptualized, wrote, directed, financed, made costumes and effects, and distributed this movie.  That means that many people spent the better part of a year going to work every day where they strapped three actresses together mouth-to-anus and were dead serious about it.  That is much more disturbing than any torture porn this movie could have been.

A Clockwork Orange

Image Source

You’ve either heard of this movie, been disgusted by it, or really really really liked it in high school.  Perhaps all three.  There is something disturbing and disorienting in the way both the psychotic criminal and self-righteous psychologists approach the topic of personal morality with such careless ease.  Sure, there are rapes and beatings that are still kind of shocking even by modern day standards, but the worst and most gut-wrenching part of Clockwork Orange is that it leaves you baseless — unable to find a moral foothold to judge either the criminal or the society he offends.  And then, of course, there’s Malcolm McDowell’s charming, playful and absolutely evil smile which I’m certain could scare bin Laden straight and make the Pope masturbate in public.


Image Source

Forget, for a moment, this movie’s heinous sequels and just dwell on the fundamental question at the center of this tight, terrifying movie.  We are all willing to make tremendous sacrifices in the name of good… Okay, most of us say we’re willing to make tremendous sacrifices in the name of good, but wouldn’t actually.  There are a million and one movies, TV shows, books and plays where that is the central conflict.  But what would we do if we had no other choice but to kill someone else — to enter a whole new realm completely cut off from any civilized society.  What are we willing to do to survive?  It is a questions that cuts to the very nature of our history and society, but ironically one which citizens of the modern world rarely consider.  It’s easy and morally absolute to say you’d die for someone or an ideal, but things get incredibly murky when you are willing to kill for it, especially if it’s something as selfish as your own neck.  Oh, and the twist endings always keep me on my toe — just kidding, they’re M. Night Shyamalan bad.


Image Source

There’s a long storied history of romanticizing crime, criminals, and general badasses in American cinema.  Look at Scarface, The Godfather, and even Dirty Harry.  Then you watch Gomorrah, which basically tears out Tony Montana’s lungs and uses them to strangle Don Corleone.  Then it reaches out of the television, bitch slaps you, and carves “This is a true story” in your chest with crack rocks.  This largely factual account tells the mostly true story of the mob’s dealings in Italy, where they are huge.  There’s a reason Americans gobble up romanticized crime: it makes us feel safe.  It is much easier to deal with a world run by Corleones than one run by a violent organization that will kill children and grandmothers with little hesitation.  To sum up the story: a fat, old, wheezing man orders children killed or orders these children to kill their close neighbors, family and friends.  People who — just a few days earlier — were tipping them for delivering groceries and parading out patronizing platitudes like “my you’ve grown so much.”  To properly conceptualize why this movie is disturbing first think of the mob. Now think of it being run by every violent, meat-headed, track-suit wearing fat ass you know and reschedule your Italian vacation.


Image Source

Sure there are many more torture porns that are much, much worse than Hostel.  The disturbing thing about Hostel, however, is that it always appeared to have a certain glee about its gratuitous violence.  It’s like a grindhouse flick that really wants to be grindhouse but can’t really come to terms with that and so tries to be a semi-serious commentary on human cruelty.  Watching most other gratuitously violent and gory movies feels like going to a theater where everyone laughs at the camp.  Watching Hostel always felt like walking into a hushed theater and discovering halfway through that everyone was secretly masturbating. Seriously though.  This series really makes you think hard about ever trusting anyone.

Requiem for a Dream

Image Source

This is the movie that everyone saw in high school and, like, thought it was so totally trippy and disturbing.  Ask someone why this movie is disturbing and they’ll inevitably bring up attack refrigerators and that one part where Jared Leto has a bunch of track marks and pus oozing out of his arm but he’s still shooting up.  These things are not disturbing, they are gimmicks in a good movie that work because it’s a good movie.  What is really disturbing about this movie is how, at the outset, every character has their own little American Dream laid out before them (some more unrealistic than others, but still).  Then we are treated to a somewhat uncomfortable reality about the American Dream: it requires one to be really selfish and ambitious.  The characters then proceed to ignore everyone who ever loved them in pursuit of their own dreams.  Maybe if their dreams had been “invent a better lightbulb” it would have been a rosier conclusion perhaps including a duel with David Bowie as Nikolai Tesla.  Unfortunately three-quarters of the characters’ dreams devolve into “get as high as balls as constantly as possible”, which has predictable results. One of the reviewer wrote this.

If you want to be happy for a week… don’t see this movie.

If you cannot stand depression… don’t see this movie.

If you want to be able to walk after the movie finishes… don’t see this movie.

If you want to see a great movie… GO AND SEE THIS MOVIE!

Paranormal Activity

Image Source

Every first year film student knows that the scariest part of a horror movie is what the audience’s cave-men logic and imaginations are doing to their lower bowel control.  Like tantric sex, the whole point of a horror should be to get as close as possible to slaughtering everyone, showing the monster, and explaining everything neatly — without actually reaching that point.  Few movies accomplish this better than Paranormal Activity.  The story centers around a young couple that are slowly broken down physically and psychologically by an invading demon.  The demon, of course, could be anything to the viewer: a stressful job, an overbearing parent, a crumbling marriage.  This movie, and horror films like it, distill the idea of conflict down to its very essence of some vague amorphous force that hates you, and lets the audience fill in the blanks with their worst fears.  If you can watch this movie and not feel the slightest bit shaken or disturbed, you’re probably spending too much time on the internet.  Go outside.


Image Source

“BRAZIL”film by Terry Gilliam 1984based on George Orwell’s novel “1984”written in 1948Gilliam’s version adds his own Monty Python flavor of dark comedy to an already twisted story of a State in a perpetual state of War through techniques of “double-speak” & constant fabrication & alteration of history.Neocon strategists are not unfamiliar with Orwellian Authoritarianism. In the book “The Long Short War” neocon Christopher Hitchens admits to studying George Orwell’s “1984” for tips on how to control the masses. In fact he got his Doctorate Degree by studying “1984”.x

When someone asks what “Kafkaesque” means, the most appropriate response is usually“your job”.


Image Source

On most men’s list of “Things I would not like to have happen to me,” “Getting butt-fucked by a squealing hillbilly” usually comes before just about everything else.  This is because of Deliverance.  But (no pun intended) while many people focus on that one scene, the broader, more disturbing aspect of Deliverance is the idea that we as a species have become completely incapable of dealing with the natural world.  So when confronted with a conflict, the city slickers flail about as survival of the fittest…uh…has its non-reach-around way with them.  Nature is often viewed as a pristine, idyllic place, but in reality most humans are only protected from its fickle wrath by paved roads and a frail sense of civility.


Image Source

There are many disturbing aspects to Irreversible, not the least of which is a nine minute long rape scene starring Monica Belluci.  However, the truly disturbing thing about Irreversible is how many people’s eyes light up at the phrase “nine minute rape scene starring Monica Belluci.”


Image Source

Salo’s mention in a list of disturbing movies is somewhat obligatory.  There’s no more infamously twisted and gory movie in existence.  To have seen it is something of a mark of courage.  To have sat through the entire movie is something of mark of intestinal fortitude.  When you combine Marquis de Sade with Fascists and Italian film making it is an unparalleled confluence of some of the most disturbing things to ever have existed.  The movie watches the enslavement, torture, and eventual murder of a handful of young Italian teens by a rich family of sadistic aristocrats. Making the kids eat their own poo with a fork and knife is really just the beginning.

25th Hour

Image Source

25th Hour is a divisive movie that you either think is one of the best of the aughts, or a lame boilerplate Spike Lee joint.  The movie follows Edward Norton through his final day of freedom before beginning a 10 year sentence for possession of heroin.  There are no giddy affirmations, no last-minute confessions of love, no sudden changes of heart during this 24 hour period.  Just people being the terrible people they have always been.  Even in the face of what is essentially the end of their best friend’s life, no one can seem to get their shit together.  The disturbing thing is how real it feels.  How many people have truly changed over night?  How many people have truly been able to make themselves a better person without being browbeaten into it?  A final hypothetical fugitive sequence at the end of the movie seals the whole depressing point: even with full knowledge of what can come of a different course of action, it is impossible to make yourself a better person.

It is Fine! Everything is Fine.

Image Source

Most people know Crispin Glover for two things: Charlie’s Angels and Alice in Wonderland.  Bonus points if you still remember him as George McFly. It is Fine! Everything is Fine. was written by Steven C. Stewart, who was afflicted by cerebral palsy.  The story is set halfway between a 70s glitz and an early 80s noir and stars Stewart as a serial killer with Cerebral Palsy and a hair fetish who pays prostitutes to sleep with him then strangles them. For the entire movie, you squirm uncomfortably in your seat and think disturbing questions: if it wrong for me to hate this serial killer even if he has cerebral palsy?  Should I be rooting for him?  Is it a positive image to portray a disabled person as having the same agency as a “normal” person?  You are shocked, awed, and absolutely paralyzed, unable to find any framework into which this movie fits, unable to judge, disparage or laud.  It’s a gross, borderline exploitative spectacle that you know on some level is “art” but you are completely incapable of understanding.  Like the best disturbing movies, it makes you feel stupid, small, and maintaining only a loose control of your gastrointestinal tract.


Image Source

While really anything by Lars von Trier could go on this list, Antichrist is by far one of the most disturbing and cringe-inducing.  The movie is incredibly dense (or pretentious without any substance, depending on who you ask) but generally it centers around the idea that everyone is horrible and deserves to have their genitals mutilated…wait, what?  Charlotte Gainsbourg stars as a women who hates herself and is married to Willem Dafoe who is apparently unable to wrap his head around the concept of self-loathing.  There are few other movies that are so confusing and angry and fill you with a sense of dread and an inability to ever trust anyone enough to have sex with them again.  Any movie where the word “bloodcum” can be used to describe a scene will always rank high on this list.

And bonus video.  Please put away your food before watching this!

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Cheer Chen – Fish

While surfing for cell phone stuff.  This song was playing in the background of one of the commercial.  I’ve never heard of it before but quickly fell in love w/ it.  Thank god for my ipad and Shazam app.  I quickly nailed down some youtube videos, the artist name, and the song title.  After that it’s off to  my newsleecher and within minutes.  I got her discography.  This song remained my favorite of all her song.

Cheer Chen 陳綺貞

Cheer Chen 陳綺貞



Here’s a little info about her you might find interesting.

Chen Chi Chen (simplified Chinese: 陈绮贞; traditional Chinese: 陳綺貞; pinyin: Chén Qǐzhēn, Japanese: チェン・チーチェン;Wade–Giles: Ch’en2 Ch’i3 Chen1; also known as Cheer Chen; born June 6, 1975 in Taipei, Taiwan) is a popular Taiwanesesinger-songwriter, guitarist, and pianist. Her earlier work is folk-oriented, generally using acoustic guitar accompaniment, but much of her more recent music is more rock-based. Her songs are generally straightforward and melodic, and she has a pure, young-sounding voice. She always appears with her Gibson Hummingbird acoustic guitar.

Chen generally sings in Mandarin Chinese. She writes most of her own music and lyrics, and has produced several of her recordings independently. Her first recording, Demo 1, was released in September 1997, and to date she has published five albums.

In 2010, she is featured in an Adidas Originals advert along with many other worldwide celebrities including Hyori Lee, David Beckham and Oasis.

Cheer is well-known as a musician who regularly shunned the limelight and prefers to be associated with her musical works rather than relationship gossip or news. Cheer is also known to be the type of musician who pays great attention in ensuring that each and every one of her live performances or concerts fulfills the expectation of her fans. She has on several occasions prepared hand-made entry-passes for her concerts.

In 2006, Chen won the Best Music Album Producer and Best Music Video awards at the 17th Golden Melody Awards. During that same year, she was also nominated for Best Female Singer and Best Album of the Year.

In 2009, Chen released her new album Immortal . Back from later 2008, Chen started holding her concert tour, with theme name same as the new album ImmortalImmortal consists of 11 tracks, each of which details Cheer’s feelings and thoughts towards her surroundings.

Cheer has frequently collaborated with producer Tiger Chung, who is also her boyfriend, in her albums. Tiger Chung acts not only as her producer and boyfriend, but as her guitarist as well. He has appeared in several of Chen’s music videos of her songs, such as Sentimental Kills and Immortal. The relationship between the two is in essence a low-key relationship without too much controversy nor media attention.

Cheer has also appeared on stage several times with the Taiwanese band Mayday. She sang a duet with Ashin (陳信宏), lead vocalist of the band, in the upbeat love songEloping To The Moon.《私奔到月球》 Ashin has also claimed that in Taipei, the only artist that puts on a better show than Mayday is Cheer Chen. Ashin further states in his blog that Cheer is a fantastic lyricist, claiming that; Because I think that Cheer writes fantastic lyrics, Cheer’s lyrics are like a flexible knife – you think it can’t hurt you, but it’s still sharp. [1]


  1. Let Me Think 讓我想一想 (August 1, 1998)
  2. Still be Lonely 還是會寂寞 (April 2000)
  3. Groupies 吉他手 (August 2, 2002)
  4. Peripeteia 華麗的冒險 (October 2005)
  5. Cheer Chen’s POSES Live DVD + 2 CD 花的姿態演唱會經典實錄 (May 2007)
  6. Cheer Looks DVD
  7. Immortal 太陽 (January 23, 2009)

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