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I’ve been to Vegas in the past ( 3 times )

1st time I stayed at MGM Grand ( Loves it! It’s a BEAUTY! Very costly though )

.  2nd time I stayed at Circus Circus ( This place was A LOT OF FUN!!! ) You almost don’t have to go outside of the hotel at all to enjoy Vegas

.  3rd times was Excalibur ( This was such a treat to be in.  Very unique experience and internal entertainment was a blast )

This year I will be staying at Riviera Hotel ( Since this is my fourth times, there’s no need to pay premium for Hotel. )  This time around I will be bringing hi-def vid cam and armed w/ my iphone 4.  I’m hoping to take a lot of nice pics. 🙂  Here’s the hotel I will be staying at for the year 2011.  I’m also creating this blog early so once I’m there, I can just upload all the photos easily using my iphone. 🙂

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