At first thought I figured it will be something of a mediocre attempt at playing music using nontraditional instruments.  But after watching a few of his videos it turned out that this guy is quite AWESOME!!!

Toccata and fugue in D minor-Bach-BWV 565

Canon in D on glass harp

moonlight sonata on glass harp

Symphony No.5-L.V.Beethoven

Dance of the sugar plum fairy-Tchaikovsky

Swan Lake-P. Tchaikovsky



Mary Celeste

This shit was a brigantine merchant ship that was famous for being discovered on Dec. 4th, 1872, unmanned, abandoned, and despite the weather it was fine.  Noone knows what happened to the crew on board although some say it was aliens, the Bermuda Triangle, sea monsters, and other wild hypotheses.


Flying Dutchman

A ship that can never make port and is doomed to sail the oceans for eternity. There were supposed sightings in the 19th an 20th century about a ship that was glowing with an unearthly light. It is rumored that if it hailed by another ship that the crew will try to send messages to those long dead. If you see the ship at sea it an omen of doom.


Queen Mary

She is also known as the Grey Ghost, for her troop ship movement during World War Two. There are hundreds of stories about her being haunted. One involves the engine room where it is said a ghost of a crewmember that was crushed to death by a watertight door lives. Another is a child that cries in a paly area. An infant died on the Queen Mary a very long time ago.  You can visit the ghostly ship in Long Beach, it is retired now and a tourist attraction.


The Baychimo

This ship is a true mystery. It was a steel ship that weighed in at 1,322 tons and as it steamed along it got stuck in an ice pack in October, 1931. The ships crew waited out a blizzard in a wood shack and when the blizzard was over the ship was gone. They assumed it had sunk, but it was seen 45 miles away and for the next 38 years it shows up randomly floating alone and crewless.


SS. Valencia Lifeboat

In this odd but true ghostly tale the S.S. Valencia was wrecked off the southwest coast of Vancouver Island in 1906. What is odd is that 27 years after she sunk her lifeboat was found in good condition. There are also random sightings of the ship itself throughout the area.


The Octavius

Was an English trading ship that was returning from China, she was found drifting off the coast of Greenland. Her captain hooping for a faster way home decided to forgo the normal trip around the horn and took the first trip through the Northwest Passage. The bodies of her crew were found frozen as well as the Captain. He was actually found writing in his log frozen to death.


Lady Lovibond

The story of a sad love and what happened. The ship was carrying Capatin Simon Peel and his new wife. They were said to be in love, but Simon had a friend that also loved his newly wedded wife, and steered the ship into the Goodwind Sands where the boat was damaged badly. All the passengers died, but the ship is said to be wandering the sea for the past 50 years.


The Caleuche

Ship shows up near the island of Chiloe, and the legend is that anyone that drowns in the waters of the ocean rides the ghostly ship. The ship is said to have voices of the passengers laughing along with party music.


Eliza Battle

This is the greatest maritime disaster in the Tombigbee River history. Twenty six people died out of 55 to 60 and now the Eliza Battle has entered as a ghost ship. It is said to be seen burning as it steams down the Nanafalia river.



She isn’t a ghostly story yet, but her disaster is long lived and well known. I have no doubts that at some point someone will see her steaming along the ocean her passengers looking for a more substantial resting place.


Getting up the courage to ask out a complete stranger is hard enough without you making the mistake of doing it at one of wrong places. It doesn’t matter if you’re incredibly smart, good looking or have the best mercedes parts money can buy, never and I mean never hit on someone in any of the following places unless you want to be met with swift and harsh rejection.


Sure women dressed in black may be sexy, but remember, this day isn’t about you wanting to score, it’s about the person in the casket. So take a step back and keep your mouth shut – unless you’re offering your condolences.

Job Interview

Keep your priorities straight – you’re going in for a job, not for a date. It doesn’t matter if your interviewer is so hot you fumble your name, you just need to make sure you get a call back saying you got the job, not to get lost.

Emergency Room

Emergency rooms aren’t like bars – people aren’t waiting there because they want to. Respect their space and privacy and maybe they won’t give you another reason for being at the ER.


An elevator is an awkward place to hit on someone, so don’t do it. There is certainly not enough time to get out what you say in an articulate manner and cornering some poor soul when she isn’t interested is just plain rude and in some cases intimidating. Avoid this spot when making your move.


Yes, the gym can be full of attractive people, but odds are they’re there to actually exercise, not to give you their digits. So leave that cute brunette alone, she’s avoiding eye contact for a reason.


Ever wonder why attractive women who are seated next to you always nap on the flight? They’re not exhausted, they simply don’t want to talk to you, especially since there’s no chance of escape.


This is another very awkward place to hit on a girl because she can’t escape if she so desires without getting off the bus several stops too soon. Here’s a tip, if she’s wearing headphones, reading a book or nodding off, she doesn’t want to be bothered so don’t even try.

If you’re like us, which you probably aren’t because you can’t be nearly as cool and awesome as we are, then your summers are filled with floating in lakes and pools and drinking beers like a boss, or a lazy bum whichever you prefer. Floating around the lake in a noodle just isn’t a good look when your trying to look like a Calvin Klein model. We composed 6 essential floating devices for you to invest in, some a little pricey than others, but when you are rolling around on a king size bed with a cooler, speakers, and 5 babes with you, I think it will be worth it.

1. Inflatable Luxury Cabana Islander Float

You must be having designer pool floats in your pool, but then most of them are meant for single persons! So, if you want to swim and party with your group then this Cabana Islander is the float for you! The luxury floating cabana island paradise is constructed of heavy-gauge PVC with a boarding platform, center swim porthole and a detachable, wind-resistant, nylon shade. The cabana float includes a floating 16-quart cooler with cup holders, and a rope grommet for tethering. The spacious cabana float can accommodate 6 persons and is priced at $319.99.

2. Stylish Motorized Pool Lounger

Swimming will be now more fun with this Motorized Pool Lounger that is the most advanced pool lounger in the world. The lounger features two quiet but powerful motors that not just lets you float on water but enjoy driving around the pool as well! The Lounger has two joysticks that control two independent propeller motors to ensure comfortable cruising. Besides, the lounger also has large, comfortable armrests, built-in cup holder, snack tray and a floating radio. The amazing pool-lounger is priced at $149.95. So, float in style with the stylish pool lounger!!

3. The Six Person Motorized Oasis

With seating for six, built-in speakers, and a cooler, this self-propelled inflatable oasis comes fully equipped for aquatic merrymaking. An electric motor propels the lounger across a pool, lake, or any calm water at a leisurely 2 mph, with steering provided by an outboard-style handle. Four waterproof 4.8-watt stereo speakers provide clear sound from an attached iPod or other MP3 player (not included) that slips into a sealed waterproof pocket. Six cup holders and a removable cooler with capacity for 12 cans and ice keep your preferred beverage chilled and within easy reach. Measuring nearly 10′ across, the lounger is made from .45 mm PVC that resists punctures and fading and features multi-chamber construction for durability. You can get yours here for $449.95.

4. The Inflatable Jet Ski

This is the inflatable jet ski that allows a child, but clearly as grown men we would still rip those puppy around the lake, to coast across swimming pools or other calm waters at a safe, maximum speed of 2 mph. The handlebars attach to a caged propeller that extends below the craft’s bottom; steering the bars moves the propeller horizontally in the water up to 360º for easy, responsive turns and backward movement. It is constructed from heavy gauge, puncture-resistant PVC that supports a maximum of 155 lbs. Its rechargeable battery provides up to one hour of riding from an eight-hour charge. Inflates quickly using an electric pump.

5. The Floating Sofa

At 68″ diameter, this is the inflatable waterborne sofa that comfortably seats three people. Intended for use in swimming pools or other calm waters, its platform keeps loungers 8″ from the water’s surface yet it is easy to board from the water because of its wide surface. Its 24″ high backrest allows you to sit up. Includes three inflatable pillows. Made from resilient PVC that is both puncture- and UV-resistant, the lounger supports up to 350 lbs

6. The Floating Couch And Cooler

This is the oversized inflatable lounger with a built-in cooler that stows enough refreshment for a full day on the water. The float’s plump bed, armrests, and full-height backrest nestle you in comfort well above the water line. Concealed under the footrest by a removable inflatable cover, the 0.5′ cu. cargo hold keeps up to 15 cans of your preferred beverage on ice and has a built-in drain for emptying excess liquid.


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There are unsolved crimes, and then there are the kind of creepy, “What the hell could possibly be going on here” capers that keep the cops, and anyone who hears about them, up at night.

Here are the real cases that almost fall into X-Files territory:

The Taman Shud Case

The victim was found dead at 6:30 am, December 1, 1948, under a street lamp at Somerton Beach in Australia. And with that, we have exhausted everything we know about the man. It’s the things we don’t know that have been baffling authorities ever since. Including the meaning of the apparently uncrackable secret code he left behind.

But more on that in a moment. Things first started to lurch towards the creepy when police noticed that all his clothes’ identification marks had been removed. They were eventually and painstakingly able to place a jacket to America, which was strange because his dental records and fingerprints didn’t match anyone who’d ever lived there… or anywhere else in the world. It was like the guy had never existed.

Would have saved them a ton of time, and been exactly as helpful.

So the cops must have been half expecting it when the coroner returned with the cause of death: “Sudden, acute onset of damned if I know.” The autopsy revealed exceptional health, a half-digested pasty in his stomach, and congestion in his brain and stomach that would have been consistent with poisoning if, you know, they’d found even a trace of poison anywhere in his body. For good measure, his spleen was three times too big.

Every breakthrough seemed to increase the mystery. They discovered a brown suitcase that had apparently belonged to the man, but that only revealed more clothes with the tags removed, and the aforementioned jacket.

The cops also discovered a secret pocket in the man’s pants, which contained a scrap of paper with the words “Tamam Shud” printed on it (the words meaning “ended” or “finished”).

The secret pockets in our pants are filled with Cheez-its.

The text looked like it was a scrap torn from a book. And it turned out it was; from a collection of poems called The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam. And not just any Rubaiyat, but a specific translation, and an extremely rare one at that.

This was pointed out after police did an Australia-wide search as if the book was the ark of the goddamn covenant, presumably braving Indiana Jones-esque temples and solving ancient aboriginal riddles before some dude mentioned he found a copy of that exact book in the back seat of his car right around the time and location of death.

Sure enough, “Tamam Shud” was missing from the books pages. Instead of a library card with the dead man’s name printed on it or something even a little bit helpful, the book contained the clue that would take the mystery from “spooky” to “officially starting to piss us off.”

It Gets Weirder:

In the back of the book, the cops found this code:

Five sets of seemingly random letters, the second of which is crossed out. So, what does this code tell us? Nothing. Nothing at all. To this day it remains unsolved.

Or is it just waiting for Nicolas Cage to solve it?

Was the code the result of a disturbed mind, or chronic boredom, perhaps? Turns out, no. The most recent attempt to solve the case found the letters aren’t random, just some mysterious cipher nobody was familiar with. Can you solve it? If so, you’re about to be famous, considering people have been trying for more than 60 years.

The BC Feet Mystery

Feet, severed feet, usually lodged in shoes, are washing up on beaches in British Columbia.

For those of you who aren’t familiar, that’s a province in western Canada, north of Washington state. Now, all sorts of things wash up on shore, and it’s not news that people drown or fall off of fishing boats. But how many severed feet would you have to find before you started to consider it a bit odd?

This many.

A total of eight goddamned feet have been found in the last few years, five of which have been put on a map for some reason. Strangely, almost all of the feet are in running shoes. Also, some creepy bastard stuck an animal paw into a running shoe as a hoax, after the story hit headlines.

Animals wearing shoes is unsettling enough as it is.

Out of two pairs of feet and six lone wolves, one pair has been identified–the dude’s left foot having been found four months after the right. Police mentioned the man was depressed and likely killed himself. Mystery solved?

Done and done.

It Gets Weirder:

Haha, no. The first two feet were found in the same week. They were both right feet and found in different places. Some theorize the feet are from a boating accident or plane crash, but they’ve been found in very different places and carried by different currents.

The other theory is the one you probably immediately thought of the moment we pointed out lots of severed feet were washing up on the beach: some psychotic killer is behind it.

Psycho killer? Qu’est Que C’est?

If you’re wondering why he hacks off the feet and throws them at the beach, the answer is he probably isn’t. If there’s a body decaying in the water, feet often rot off the relatively weak ankle. Tennis shoes float, so you wind up with free-floating feet. As for who the other feet belong to, and why they keep showing up on British Columbia beaches in running shoes, well, we probably won’t know until we find the rest of the victims.

The Toynbee Tiles

These are cryptic messages found embedded in asphalt in various cities. The messages are thought to be layers of linoleum and asphalt crack-filling compound, and all tiles are found with variations of the same short message, referencing 2001: A Space Odyssey and suggesting we resurrect the dead on planet Jupiter.

Other than that, the only things setting these abnormally permanent acts of vandalism apart: They’ve been showing up out of nowhere, with no explanation for 30 damned years.

You can see the word “Toynbee” at the top, which is referring to a famous historian. And if you’ve seen 2001 you know that the planet Jupiter is involved. And… that’s as much sense as we can make of it.

So, what, it’s one crazy guy leaving messages. No mystery there…

It Gets Weirder:

…only it can’t be just one guy.

The tiles can be found across dozens of U.S. cities, and even South America. Unless we have an independently wealthy, globetrotting lunatic on our hands, there is a group of people who plant these tiles around the Western Hemisphere like the eco-terrorists in 12 Monkeys.

Handles Franklin is the craziest Globetrotter.

The cops did have a suspect once, one James J. Morasco. However, despite an interest in Toynbee and Kubrick, his widow swore up and down he couldn’t possibly be the tiler, and that he did not have an interest in Jupiter. Oh, yes, we said widow. Even if he was the tiler, he died in 2003, and the tiles have not stopped. Also, dude would’ve been in his 70s when he laid the tiles.

There are over 60 in Philadelphia, which seems to be the Toynbee Tile hotspot, and the location of four tiles together that told a bizarre, rambling story how the mafia, FBI and the Soviets are out to get him.

Cryptic messages left in asphalt are not the best way to prove your sanity.

Well they probably are out to get you now, buddy, if you started putting those fucking tiles on their streets.

The Glico Morinaga Case aka the Monster With 21 Faces

In the 1980s, the Japanese food giant Ezaki Glico was blackmailed by a mysterious group of apparent super villains, calling itself the Monster with 21 faces.

It started with two armed men who broke into the home of the president of Glico, kidnapping him in front of his family. The men held the executive in a warehouse, calling the company and demanding 100 million Yen and 100 kilos of gold bullion. The victim escaped the warehouse before he could find out whether or not his company was willing to pay to ransom his ass. None of the bad guys were caught and that’s too bad, because the “Monster” wasn’t through.

Artist’s rendition.

A couple of weeks later, several cars in the company parking lot were set on fire. Then, the “Monster” began to send letters.

“Dear Glico, How have you been? I’m fine, but this weather is crazy right? Guess that’s why it’s called global warming. Hahaha. We set your car on fire.”

In the first letter (sent in a plastic container along with hydrochloric acid because why the hell not?) the Monster claimed they had poisoned Glico’s candies, which resulted in Glico losing $21 million dollars worth of product that had to be pulled from shelves. The number may be a coincidence, but then again, who knows? The Monster taunted the police by detailing in a letter its method of entry, what typewriter it used to write the message and where it found the container with the acid in it. It didn’t matter; cops scoured the country for them and came up empty.

Soon enough, just to prove they were toying with everyone, the Monster suddenly sent a letter stating its forgiveness of Glico, and moved on.

“We forgive you!”

It Gets Weirder:

The Monster then turned its attention to another food company: Morinaga. Another letter was sent, similar to the Glico one, only this time, investigations turned up a total of 21 packages laced with the highly toxic sodium cyanide. Being the polite kind of shadowy creepy terrorist/terrorist group, the boxes were helpfully labeled with “Contains Toxins,” an example all criminals should follow.

Warning: Contains Bomb.

The police, getting desperate, thought they caught a glimpse of the mastermind behind the Monster during a money drop (the group had demanded cash from another company). An officer described the criminal mastermind as a man having “eyes like those of a fox,” which would give him the nickname “The Fox-Eyed Man.”

Clearly the man is a Bond villain waiting to happen.

The same mysterious man was spotted again later, in a car during a sting operation. He escaped, but the cops found the car, and a radio transceiver that he had been using to listen into all of the police communications during the sting.

So finally they’ve got a description of one of the bad guys! That resulted in… nothing. The Monster tormented several corporate giants for years, mocked the police, walked the streets as some of the most wanted men in the world and not a single one of them ever got caught. A police superintendent got so frustrated by being outmaneuvered by the Monster that he resigned in disgrace. Oh, wait, we misread that. He actually, committed suicide by fucking setting himself on fire.

Before disappearing into the night like goddamned Keyser Soze, the “Monster” released a letter mocking the dead man, and announced it would stop torturing food companies, apparently taking this entire thing as some sort of childish game. The Monster’s final words to the public:

We are bad guys. That means we’ve got more to do other than bullying companies. It’s fun to lead a bad man’s life.

– Monster with 21 Faces.

P.S. See you soon.

The Lead Masks Case

In 1966, a Brazilian boy flying a kite happened upon the bodies of two engineers lying next to each other in the grass. There was no sign of how they had died before the boy stumbled across them and he claimed he found them that way. We’re sure the cops took a good hard look at him to make sure he wasn’t like that murderous magical kid from The Twilight Zone who could kill people with his mind.

Or the host of the Twilight Zone who could kill people with his gun.

Anyway, before long the hill was crowded with policemen, scratching their heads at an utterly baffling crime scene–if it was a crime at all. The two dead men were dressed for their funerals in fancy suits and impermeable coats. There was an empty water bottle nearby. There were no signs of violence on either of them.

Why is it called the “Lead Masks Case”? Well, that’s the baffling part. The dead men wore lead masks, a type used to protect against radiation.

The two guys were identified as electronic technicians from the area.

The police gathered evidence and eventually created a reconstruction of the day of their deaths. In it, the men buy their raincoats and go to a bar to buy bottled water. Whatever the reason, one of the men appeared rather nervous, and when they left the bar they went straight to the hill the boy found them at, then spontaneously dropped dead. Case closed.

Great job everyone!

It Gets Weirder:

A notebook was found at the scene. The notes inside translate to:

16:30 be at the agreed place.

18:30 swallow capsules, after effect protect metals wait for the mask sign

Well, they swallowed “capsules,” so obviously that’s what killed them, right? The problem is the note seems to imply they were waiting for something to happen after the capsules took effect, which means if they were poison, the two guys didn’t know they were. Also, the men had a coupon to return the water bottle when they were finished with whatever they were doing, which also seems to imply they didn’t plan on dying on that hill.

Toxicology tests could not be taken due to the victims’ organs not being properly preserved (they were apparently left in storage too long, but we like to think the investigators took the idea of heart volleyball and ran with it).

So, what in the hell convinced them to go out to a hill, strap on radiation protection and swallow some strange capsules? What effect were they waiting for? What were the masks protecting them from? Was there some third party who convinced them to do all of this, saying the pills would, what, make them travel back in time? Or give them super powers? Was it all part of some 60s Brazillian version of Punk’d?

How far does the rabbit hole go?

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It’s Fridayyyy babyyyy, so that means it’s time to drink and maybe it’s your birthday. Maybe you’re low on cash and somebody offers to buy you one of these shots. Whatever the case may be, avoid these shots at all costs or you’ll find yourself visiting the porcelain god. But at the same time, you aren’t really going to turn down a free shot of alcohol, even if it is called Gorilla Puke, are you, yea didn’t think so you alcoholic.

1. Gorilla Puke

Have you ever seen a gorilla puke? This is why.

– ¾ oz. Bacardi 151
– ¾ oz. Wild Turkey Bourbon Whiskey

2. Liquid Steak

The cheapest steak on earth.

– 1½ oz. Barcardi 151
– Worcestershire Sauce

The rest of the gross shots below

3. Flatliner

Drinking this shot will definitely put an end to your good night.

– ¾ oz. Jigger Sambuca
– ¾ oz. shot Gold Tequila
– dashes of Tabasco sauce

4. Motor Oil

This will get your motor running…running right to the bathroom

– 1 oz. Jagermeisteer Herbal Liqueur
– ½ oz. Peppermint Schnapps
– ½ oz. Goldschlager Cinnamon Schnapps
– ½ oz Malibu Coconut Rum

5. Eggermeister

Do I even need to explain why this is a bad idea?

– 1 ½ oz. Jaegermeister
– One pickled egg (common in most bars)
– One highball glass

6. Prairie Oyster

Rocky Balboa’s Friday night drink of choice.

– 1½ oz. Room Temperature Bourbon
– 1 Raw Egg
– 1 dash Tabasco

7. New Jersey Turnpike

This shot is created when the bartender musters up a shot glass full of alcohol residue from a bar mat and bar rag. The later this shot is ordered the nastier it will be.

– One Bar Mat
– One Bar Rag

8. Smoker’s Cough

Is this a shot or condiment? You be the judge.

– 1½ oz. Jagermeister
– One tablespoon of warm Mayonnaise

9. The Tapeworm

Do you really want to take a shot that is named after a parasite that can give you symptoms like: abdominal discomfort, diarrhea, loss of appetite?

– 1 oz. Vodka
– ½ oz. Tobasco
– Pepper
– Small Portion of Mayonnaise


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cocaine 01 150x104 Facts About Cocaine (Infographic)Pure cocaine was first extracted from the leaves of the coca plant in 1859 & was marketed in a fortified wine in France as early as 1863. Cocaine was first used in the U.S in the 1880s, where it was applied as an anesthetic in eye, nose & throat operations.

cocaine Facts About Cocaine (Infographic)

Watch how Cocaine is actually made!  You will never believe it!